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Download Multiple Youtube videos in a batch with a click  

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Monday, September 10, 2007
Learn How To Hack

YouTube doesn't make it easy to download videos so several dozen tools and websites have sprung up that cater to the packrat in all of us, but most of them lack the ability to download YouTube videos in bulk.
Enter DownloadHelper, a Firefox extension that not only supports downloading videos from YouTube, but also Dailymotion, MySpace, Google Video, and about 100 other popular and niche video sharing sites.
To download (or in this case, leech) multiple YouTube videos with one click, first highlight a region of the webpage that contains links to YouTube videos and then right-click to bring up the context menu.

Now select "Download videos from YouTube link(s)". The videos you want to save will automatically be queued for download and saved to a location of your choice.
One big advantage of using a browser-based downloading tool rather than a web-based one is that you have a lot more privacy. Web tools can log what videos you download, but many browser tools can work without accessing third-party servers.

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