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Quick Hide Windows  

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007
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Just a quick login into Gmail at work to see if I received any new mails. Oh, no. My Boss is coming. What now. Panic ! If you experienced a situation like that, be it at work, school or even at home you wished for a function to quickly hide any window that should not be open right now.

Plancoin is able to hide windows for you. You can either select to hide all windows that you add to Plancoin or all windows except those that you add to the software. The latter is the safer choice in my opinion but it is up to you. Adding windows is a little bit problematic because Plancoin uses page titles to identify windows.

This means that you have to find a generic name that is always in the window title to make sure the application will be closed every time you press the hotkey. Pressing CTRL + F8 either hides or reveals all windows.

quickly hide windows

Discovering generic titles is however not as complicated as it may sound. Firefox for instance has always ‘Mozilla Firefox’ in the title.

I was surprised on how quickly all those windows were hidden after pressing the shortcut. It should be noted that sound does not stop playing when hiding the windows which means that listening to Internet Radio for instance can still reveal that something is not right.

The software Plancoin itself is not visible in the taskbar or system tray after you press the ‘hide this dialog’ button. The configuration window can only be revealed by pressing the shortcut CTRL + ALT + F8.

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