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Tuesday, October 9, 2007
Learn How To Hack

Querying for vulnerable sites or servers using Google’s advance syntaxes Using “Index of ” syntax to find sites enabled with Index browsing A webserver with Index browsing enabled means anyone can browse the webserver directories like ordinary local directories. Here I shall discuss how one can use “index of” syntax to get a list links to webserver which has got directory browsing enabled.

This becomes an easy source for information gathering for a hacker. Imagine if the get hold of password files or others sensitive files which are not normally visible to the internet. Below given are few examples using which one can get access to many sensitive information much easily.

Index of /admin
Index of /passwd
Index of /password
Index of /mail
"Index of /" +passwd
"Index of /" +password.txt
"Index of /" +.htaccess
"Index of /secret"
"Index of /confidential"
"Index of /root"
"Index of /cgi-bin"
a"Index of /credit-card"
"Index of /logs"
"Index of /config"

Looking for vulnerable sites or servers using “inurl:” or “allinurl:”

a. Using “allinurl:winnt/system32/” (without quotes) will list down all the links to the server which gives access to restricted directories like “system32” through web. If you are lucky enough then you might get access to the cmd.exe in the “system32” directory. Once you have the access to “cmd.exe” and are able to execute it then you can go ahead in further escalating your privileges over the server and compromise it.

b. Using “allinurl:wwwboard/passwd.txt”(without quotes) in the Google search will list down all the links to the server which are vulnerable to “WWWBoard Password vulnerability”.

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