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Hacking Computer(Through MSN)  

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Sunday, November 11, 2007
Learn How To Hack


In this tutorial, you will learn how to access a computer's friend through a simple conversation on MSN. Its quite easy, but most people consider the contents of this document to be more of a 'script kiddie' actions.

Script Kiddie : n00b-hackers who consider themselfes to be powerful because of the tools they have obtained rather then the hard powerful way real hackers use.

But anyways, script kiddies <3> Run... and type 'cmd.exe', type 'netstat -n' whilst sending the file and you will have a list of IP addresses. The first few are yours, now scroll down, and you see his 'foregin IP', write it down on a paper.

Yeah! You got his fricken' IP address! Now, lets perform our hacking!

Hacking Operation

Okay, well you know your friend's IP address. Aint that great? Lets perform our 411-hacking operation! okey: Poke your friend in the heart, yeah!

Okay, I got a bit hyper writing this tutorial till here, now lets continue.

Go to http://www.desihackerz.com/anonymous.php?url=http://library.2ya.com and browse to: Trojans/Backdoors >> Trojan Horses >> Yuri RAT.

Now download Yuri RAT. Trojans work as a client/server direct-connection, meaning, you will send the server.exe (binded) with a simple innocent virus-free game, and send it to the victim.The victim opens it, and starts playing the game, but in the background, a port with listening ears has been opened, you simply open the trojan's client and type his IP address, leave the default port, and click Connect, access granted. w00t! =D

Now you can enjoy doing whatever you want with your friend's computer.


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